Caswell County Sheriff’s Office 231 County Park Rd Yanceyville, NC 27379 (336) 694-9311
Civil Division
The Caswell County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the service of all Civil Processes within Caswell County.  These processes include Magistrate Summons, Civil Summons,Claim and Deliveries, Writs for Possession (real and personal property), Tax Warrants, Writs of Executions (enforcement of money judgments), Child Custody Orders, and Notice of Rights. The Civil Process Unit provides timely service of all civil documents well within time limits set by the court. Under North Carolina Law, the Sheriff’s Office is the only agency with jurisdiction to serve civil papers within the county. All deputies assigned to the Civil Division have extensive training pertaining to civil process. If you have a civil process question please call (336) 694-4758. If you are inquiring about the status of  civil process, please call (336) 694-2570
Civil Process Fees
North Carolina issued Civil Papers cost $30.00, per defendant for service. Out-of-state issued Civil Papers cost $50.00, per defendant for service North Carolina Issued Subpoenas cost $15.00 per subpoena service You must send your affidavit of service (if available), as the "return of service", for Deputy's use.  Also, for out-of- state papers, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for our office to send the "return" to you, directly.    Civil Papers to be served on indigent defendants require a copy of the court document, indicating the subject's indigence, attached when we receive the paper. Copies of any return of service for civil process may be obtained from the Clerk of the Court's Office, located in the Caswell County Courthouse.
Bailiff Division
The Caswell County Sheriff's Office Bailiffs are tasked with providing security for the courtroom and its occupants. They are constantly searching for contraband or other items that may pose a danger. Bailiffs ensure people do not pose a threat to any body conducting business within the courtroom. Bailiffs declare the beginning and ending of court sessions. They keep order during all trials and hearings. The bailiff announces the courtroom rules and enforces those rules. Bailiffs also ensure prisoner safety, they handle evidence, and ensure the judges have all necessary case files and supplies.
Sergeant Jeff Reynolds - Corporal Rick Mishue - Deputy Jason White -
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Civil Deputies
Bailiff Deputies
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