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Caswell County Sheriff Michael Welch has spent the last several years touring and visiting neighboring jails to get an idea of how he wanted the new Caswell County Detention Center to look.Ground broke on the 29,000-square foot facility in August 2011 after Welch and the Caswell County Board of Commissioners looked at the options available. Plumbing, sewage and quality of life issues in the old jail were the main problems that needed to be addressed.The old jail was constructed in 1972 and grandfathered in under older standards, Welch said. It was originally built to hold 22 inmates, but in 1995 the basement was renovated to hold an additional 20 inmates.Jail overcrowding hasn’t been an issue, but Welch said the safety issues were more of a problem. Welch said the first option was renovation; after feasibility studies, Welch said they began to look at new construction.“The process actually started several years ago,” Welch said. “There was a need to address issues with the old facility and to make sure we started looking toward the future and address those needs. Over the past two years, I’ve commended the Board of Commissioners because they chose the most fiscally sound approach to address those problems and actually looked four decades into the future.”The new jail is referred to as a turnkey — which means it’s a full law enforcement complex. The new building will house the magistrate’s office, the sheriff’s office and the 108-bed detention center — complete with numerous technological advancements absent from the old facility.When the inmates are brought from the old jail to the new jail, they will see a variety of new technology available to them they don’t currently have. In the lobby of the detention center, there is a machine that allows friends or family members of an inmate to put money onto their canteen account. With those machines, Welch said, it will remove the necessity of money having to change hands.There is a room to the back of the main lobby where multiple video visitation stations are located. The video visitation is similar to the face-to-face visitation, but it doesn’t require inmates to be taken from their cell blocks.Visitors come into the room, sit at their station and using the phone and monitor, they are able to talk to the inmate they are visiting. Each cell block is equipped with a video visitation station, which allows the inmate to speak with the person in the visitation room.Welch said the monitors in the cell blocks are partially blocked to allow the inmates some privacy to visit, but the walls are still open enough to allow the inmate to be monitored by the control booth.Also inside of each cell block are phones and kiosks that allow them to access their canteen accounts. Using their thumb print, Welch said the inmate can access their canteen account, order what they want and the items will be delivered to the jail.The layout of the detention center is the same design as the Pamlico County Correctional Institution that was constructed in 2006. The Caswell County Detention Center is separated into four cell blocks — A, B, C and D — and color coded using red, blue, yellow and green.The color coding in the cell blocks is part of a jail classification system that enables deputies working in the control booth to be as specific as possible if a problem should arise in a cell block, Welch said. For example, if an issue arises in a cell block, the control booth would use the color of that block to alert other deputies of the problem to create less confusion.The total price of the detention center was $8.4 million. Welch said that includes everything — construction management, furniture, fixtures and equipment, including computers. He said the commissioners applied for a local government commission for the funding, which financed the building.One of the main differences in the new jail compared to the old jail, Welch said, is the ability for it to generate revenue into the county through a partnership with the U.S. Marshal’s office and through a misdemeanor confinement program. North Carolina started a statewide misdemeanor confinement program that is managed through the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association. The way it works, Welch said, is detention centers and jails house inmates who have been convicted of misdemeanors and sentenced to serve more than 90 days but less than 180.For facilities that house these inmates, Welch said the state reimburses the county $40 per day, per inmate. Caswell County has been selected to serve as a pilot in this program. Welch said he is hoping to have the inmates in the new facility within a week. With any project this size, Welch said there have been some delays in construction which has delayed moving the inmates. He said he and his staff are looking forward to utilizing the new facility and all of its features.“I can’t stress  it enough — the Board of Commissioners addressed a problem and actually looked toward the future and then created some possibilities through networking with federal and state agencies,” Welch said. “I think the way the county approached it and the way we approached it has been very positive. This is going to be positive for us.”
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