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Employment DEPUTY SHERIFF A Deputy Sheriff is responsible for the general law enforcement work required by the Office of the Sheriff. This law enforcement work includes keeping the peace, serving the public, protecting the lives, rights and property of all those within the County of Caswell. A Deputy Sheriff’s duties include taking calls from the public, serving the public, investigating complaints and criminal activity, traffic enforcement, serving civil and criminal process as well as other papers as required by the courts, developing suspects, arresting perpetrators, providing security for the courts, transporting prisoners, and any other special assignments upon request. A Deputy Sheriff is expected to exercise good, sound judgment, make decisions in both normal and emergency situations and use discretion while carrying out the details of each task. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the assigned Sergeant. The applicant must be willing to work 12-hour rotating shifts which includes holidays and weekends. Knowledge, Skills, and Physical ability to meet and cope with all demands of law enforcement training and work are but not limited to the following. The Ability to learn and maintain a working knowledge of modern law enforcement practices and procedures. Ability to obtain a working knowledge of federal, state and local laws. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with other employees, officials, and the general public. Ability to learn new procedures. Ability to qualify and re-qualify with all mandated Office weapons in accordance with State laws as well as the policies and procedures of the Office of the Sheriff. Ability to get along with co-workers, the public and others. Ability to follow directions, learn policies and procedures as well as act independently, using sound judgment in both normal and emergency situations. Ability to maintain full law enforcement certification. In order to qualify for a position as a Deputy Sheriff one must have completed Basic Law Enforcement Training within one year before appointed. Basic Law Enforcement Training is taught at various Community Colleges within the state of North Carolina. Applicants must 21 years of age and under go an extensive background check. DETENTION OFFICER A Detention Officer (DO) is responsible for the custodial work with the transportation, security and supervision of prisoners in the Caswell County Detention Center (CCDC). The DO performs a variety of duties relative to the care; direct supervision, desk duty, and transportation of inmates. Work is performed in accordance with the CCDC policies and procedures, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the North Carolina Sheriff’s Training and Standards Division. Work is performed under the direct supervision of that employee’s squad or area supervisor. The applicant must be willing to work 12-hour rotating shifts which includes holidays and weekends. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Knowledge of Federal, State and local laws governing the operation of the CCDF. Knowledge of forms, records, and reports used in the CCDF. Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time. Ability to maintain discipline and order among inmates. Ability to work in a confined area. Ability to deal firmly and courteously with inmates and visitors. Ability to use sound judgment in both routine and emergency situations, Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with other employees. Applicants must be 21 years of age and complete an extensive background check. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN EMPLOYMENT PLEASE CONTACT CAPTAIN MICHAEL ADKINS madkins@caswellcountync.gov        (336) 694-9311