Narcotics Division

Caswell County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division has various components that work together to specifically focus on drug enforcement and deterrence in the Caswell County area. The enforcement is conducted through proactive investigative techniques utilizing information from deputies in the field, information provided by citizens, as well as other intelligence gathering methods. The Narcotics Division’s investigators focus on mid and upper level drug trafficking, as well as street level drug sales. They work closely with Caswell County citizens to investigate information related to drug dealing. Their focus is on who is bringing drugs into the Caswell County area and distributing them to the dealers who in turn sell them in our neighborhoods. Many law enforcement agencies work together within multiple jurisdictions to provide a drug free environment for Caswell County citizens. If you have information about drug activity in Caswell County, please call CRIME STOPPERS at (336) 694-5199 or complete a confidential form on the Caswell County CRIME STOPPERS page. For further information contact: Lt. J. Loftis (336) 694-2575-
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