Caswell County Sheriff’s Office 231 County Park Rd Yanceyville, NC 27379 (336) 694-9311
The Caswell County Sheriff's Office patrol deputies cover over 425 square miles encompassing approximately 23,000 residents. With 16 dedicated patrol units ,the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office works hard to provide for the safety and continued livability of our diverse communities. Patrol deputies are highly-skilled and adapted to a rural landscape and always have had a 'boots on the ground' approach. Patrol Deputies work everything from road safety, property crimes, domestic violence, and any other calls for service that the citizens require. Patrol deputies enforce all federal, state, and local ordinances to protect the citizens living within Caswell County. The patrol deputies of the Sheriff's Office embraced the importance and relevance of working with neighborhoods, businesses and community groups to solve problems and do what's necessary to care for the residents of Caswell County.
Patrol Sergeants Sergeant Bobby Johnson - Sergeant Wes Harrington - Sergeant Allen Shell - Sergeant Kenneth Underwood -
Patrol Corporals Corporal Brad Gregory - Corporal Jerry Sellars - Corporal Vince Corbett - Corporal Vernon Mansfield -
Patrol Deputies Deputy Daniel Sparks - Deputy Josh Kylander  - Deputy Daniel Sloan - Deputy Jonathon Elixson - Deputy Jacob Miller - Deputy Jack Little - Deputy John Loftis
Patrol Division
                    Patrol Commander Lieutenant A.G. Brandon -
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Reserve Deputies
Deputy James Rowell Deputy Calyton Myers