Sheriff’s Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Caswell County Sheriff's Office is to maximize the quality of life of the citizens of the county we serve; to uphold the law fairly and firmly; to prevent crime; to address the problems of the citizens we serve; to pursue and bring to justice those who violate the law; to keep the peace of the county; to protect, help, and reassure all people in Caswell County, to do this with integrity, common sense, and sound judgment. We will be compassionate, courteous, and patient. We will act without showing fear, favor, or prejudice to the rights of others. We will be professional, calm, and restrained in the face of fear of violence and/or irrational behavior. We will strive to reduce the fears of the public and, in so far as we can, reflect its priorities in the actions we take. We will change and mold our Office as necessary to maximize our service in meeting needs of a growing county.

Detention Center Mission Statement

To protect the communities and citizens of Caswell County by efficiently maintaining the care, custody, and control of a secure detention facility in compliance with all applicable state standards, and statutes; federal regulations and recommendation; case law; and recognized, sound correctional practices; by hiring and providing continual training for the most professional, qualified staff possible; and, by promoting a positive atmosphere of mutual respect between staff, inmates, and the public at all times.
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